• Brands Are Losing A, B And O From Their Logos For Global Blood Donation Venture

    A, B and O tend to be quite helpful letters. Should they vanished the next day, culture will be in chaos. But A, B and O are various bloodstream kinds, and without all of them…well…society wouldn’t also occur. To emphasize this, a fresh promotion is asking businesses to drop these letters from their particular logos, […] More

  • NYC Pharmacy Charges 7% “Man Taxation” To Deliver A Strong Message

    In accordance with a research carried out by the NYC customer matters division, women’s services and products cost 7% significantly more than men’s. Really today a chemist in new york has actually made a decision to fight this discrepancy with the addition of a 7% income tax on all items bought by males to help […] More

  • IKEA Shocks Visitors By Recreating Syrian Home Inside Their Particular Store

    Consumers associated with the IKEA store in Slependen, Norway, moved in to locate determination because of their houses, but whatever they really discovered ended up being one of the more effective understanding promotions that features the terrible lifestyle circumstances of Syrian refugees. Dealing with Norwegian Red Cross and a marketing company POL, IKEA has actually set […] More