Lucky People Who Got Rich by Accident

Experience has proven that getting rich is most reliably achieved through hard work and wise decision making.

However, that hasn’t stopped ordinary men from trying to hit it big through practically simple means like METAL DETECTOR find or raking it in a yard sale — not precisely realistic pathways to wealth. However, it cannot be denied that several lucky individuals have gotten rich through those means.

In fact, there are even those who’ve acquired wealth without really intending to do so.

Here are some cases of annoyingly fortunate men and women who got rich by accident:


Jeff Bidelman was asked to help look for items of value in a Windber, Pennsylvania home that had been left unoccupied for twenty years. The children of the couple that lived there had heard rumors that a hole in one of the home’s walls was filled with money resulting from their parents occasionally throwing money into it, but they thought the story was nothing more than an urban legend.

However, within minutes of scouring the premises, Bidelman and one of the couple’s daughters had found a whole pile of coins, which they put into a plastic bag — already a satisfying find, they thought. Then they saw a hole in the wall and wondered about the rumor.

Shockingly, after they opened up the wall, an unbelievable number of coins rushed out. On face value alone, the coins were worth $8,500, but many of them, minted from 1793 to 1857, were apparently much more valuable as collector’s items. Preliminary estimates placed the total value of the find at $200,000.

Becoming Filthy Rich Off a Garage Sale Buy

One of the most exciting finds of the century was a Northern Song Dynasty bowl bought at a garage sale for $3. Although it didn’t look like much to the person selling it, it was actually 1,000 years old and precious. The purchasers of the bowl took it to Sotheby’s auction house where they were able to make a cool $2.2 million off of it.

It’s the type of story that gets people interested in yard sales and thrift stores as places to make a profit not just a way to score cheap, secondhand goods! If you want a rags-to-riches story of your own to share, go to garage sales to see what you find. You may discover a famous painting or other work of art amongst the used can openers and soccer cleats!

More Than Money Found in a Couch

It isn’t unusual to find a few spare coins underneath the couch cushions, right? Try locating a rare painting inside an old couch. The $215 sofa held a picture titled “Preparation to Escape to Egypt” that was dated between 1605 to 1620.
Although the artist wasn’t identified, it was said to be painted by someone who knew Carlo Saraceni, a famous Venetian artist from the time. When taken to auction, the purchaser was able to get the original amount paid for the couch back. In fact, several hundred old sofas could be bought with the $27,630 the painting sold for.

Harry Coover: Super Glue

Almost all of us have used super glue at some point in our lives. Well if you have, you can thank American chemist Harry Coover for the discovery. The funny thing is that Coover was trying to create a clear plastic gun sight while using a chemical called “cyanoacrylate.” And after the experiment failed, he ended up with Super Glue.

The idea was so popular that it resulted in two-billion in sales. Needless to say, this was one of the most profitable “accidents” of all time.

By owning a cat. A grumpy cat

Most of you might not have heard of Tabatha Bundesen, but most of you must’ve seen the internet meme sensation, grumpy cat a.k.a ‘bakchod billi’ as our readers like to call it.

Well, it so happens that Tabatha Bundesen is the owner of the grumpy cat.

And while the cat might look grumpy, it’s actually worth $120 million! Looking at its face though, we’re bound to believe that money can’t buy happiness.



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