Trump’s Tweets Regarding Turkish Crisis Changed UK Student's Life Forever

US President Donald Trump — Noted on Twitter that the lira”slides rapidly downward against our very strong Dollar! “Our relations with Turkey are not good at this time! ” he said in an early morning post.

Being a part of active social media life might be sometimes a beneficial habit, as our story about Lawrence Harper success shows. By simple sign up and follow of the updates from the US president Donald Trump and current crisis with economic instability which happens between the Turkey and US, Lawrence got an investment idea and started to search where and how to use the news into his own benefit.

The relation between Turkey and the US are not that good at this time since the economic situation and the Turkish Lira rapid slides downward against the major currencies including US Dollar. Turkey, however, claims that the reason of the economic misery is the US and their strategy against them, today the Turkish Lira tumbled as much as 20% to a record level, generally it's fallen 40% this year, which makes the economics unstable and everyday life of many Turks difficult.

The reason for the results might be several, firstly the US – Turkish relation started to crack while the US supported the Kurdish fighters and Turkey considered to be terrorists. Then, because of the close relationship with Russia and the last point because of terrorism charges against North-Carolina evangelical pastor Andrew Branson, who has been held for nearly two years over alleged links to political groups. The pastor was moved from the jail to the house arrest, while the Turkish government and President Erdogan were officially notified by US authorities to release the pastor, or otherwise to be prepared and face the consequences. For that reason, US hits Turkey with sanctions and considers that this is not the country they should be investing in, meanwhile, Turkey faces the defaults and significant losses.

While the tension between the countries and the Presidents rising on a daily basis, the instability and the liquidity of the currencies jumping rapidly. Thus, our story’s hero -Lawrence, who is a UK University student at the second grade, predicted the fall of the Turkish Lira and was in a search how is the best to use this knowledge and make money out of it.

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