Single Mom Charged With Drug Offense Because $276K Had Smelled Cocaine

Hackberry, Los Angeles — a 39 – year – old single mother Evelyn Cooper charged with drug offense after pulled over on her way to visit her daughter.

This case happened with a 39-year-old single mother that kept a big secret. Evelyn Cooper is an average divorced woman, which raises her daughter on her own and works in a regular job, at the local gas company, Hackberry L.A.

One day in June Evelyn Cooper was driving her car to visit a daughter when she was pulled over by the local police for an alleged traffic violation.

When the officers searched her car, in a hidden compartment, they found seven bundles of cash, as was stated by the Hackberry County prosecutor Todd J. Nelson. Despite this, the officers claimed that Evelyn was nervous when the officers started to question, her hands began to tremble. While counting the money police realized it was over a quarter of a million USD, and it smelled strongly of cocaine.

The police claimed that the case takes an official part now and its sent to the court presumption. Even though Evelyn was trying to explain that she was on her way to buy a house for her daughter that newly married, the police didn’t believe her claims and Evelyn charged with transporting and possessing of a significant amount of cash that the police assumed come from criminal activity.

Later on, while the lawsuit took place, the police confirmed that Evelyn was known to them before, as they received “tips” from her neighbor that continuously report she was allegedly distributing drugs. Therefore, Evelyn was pulled over in Hackberry, while searching the car, K-9 officer dog discovered the cash and smell of cocaine No drugs found during her car search Nevertheless Evelyn arrested.

But that’s not the end of the story…

During the litigation, Evelyn claimed that the money she hid in the car was her Jackpot prize, which she won in Online Casino a few weeks ago. She didn’t share the information with anyone, even with her family, and kept it as a secret, because she wanted to purchase a house for her daughter’s that just get married and surprise her.

The family and the judge were shocked by the new evidence and the source of the money. The court reviewed all evidence and found that the Evelyn’s story took place precisely as she said, and the neighbor who was giving ‘tips’ on her to the police, misleads them because of his hostility for Evelyn. More important, the Judge didn’t understand the actions of the police and why the case went to the court without a prior and necessary check of all data.

After all, Evelyn immediately released from any charges.


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